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Itude develops cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud hosting international standard. Itude has been creating custom cloud systems using AWS since 2009 and has long-term production experience with the most important AWS products.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) it is possible for small companies to benefit from the advantages of big scale security, reliability and functionality while also enjoying low bulk pricing. However, this does require a professionally designed cloud solution. Itude has been creating custom cloud solutions using AWS since 2009 and therefore has production experience with the most important AWS products. Itude creates cloud solutions that guarantee operational excellence, security, scalability, reliability, sustainability and efficient cost. Our customers range from startups that need a small cloud environment to collect sensor data to well-known multinationals with offices on multiple continents.

Below are some of the AWS products and cloud services that Itude often uses for the development and hosting of customer applications:

Angular and Vue web clients on AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront
Node.js Applications using AWS EC2 and AWS Relational Database System (RDS)
REST APIs through AWS API Gateway, serverless AWS lambdas, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Aurora
Event driven systems using AWS EventBridge, AWS SNS and AWS SQS
Monitoring environments using Grafana and AWS RDS
Workflow environments using AWS State Machines, AWS SES and AWS DynamoDB

AWS offers more than 200 different products for all kinds of functionalities. This can be a barrier for many organizations that want to start with AWS. To showcase all possibilities, here are three example cases Itude has worked on in the past:




1. A startup that makes sensors and want to have their data in the cloud

A cloud environment where sensors can send data to. This environment should be able to make small reports that are easy to adjust. Low and predicable costs.

An API that accepts data from thousands of wireless sensors. A monitoring dashboard that automatically send a notification when a sensor sends critical data or shuts off.

Used Tech
An advanced and extensible monitoring dashboard in Grafana, hosted on AWS EC2. An API written in JavaScript using AWS Lambda and AWS RDS Postgres. The API can easily scale to hundreds of thousands of sensors.

Development Time
2 weeks


2. The department that wanted to work together on one dashboard

An online dashboard where 25 employees can enter data in a structured manner and share it with each other and the customers. Meeting the security requirements of the organization. Easy to integrate with other systems later.

A system with a REST API and responsive dashboard, integrated with a corporate Single-Sign-On component. An integration with an external service to verify and enrich address data. The system automatically sends emails to customers of the department.

Used Tech
A web dashboard written in Vue, hosted on AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront. An API written in openAPI and Python, using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, and AWS Cognito. Emails are sent using AWS Simple Email Service (SES). Management reports are created with AWS Athena. The data is housed in a German data center to comply with GDPR (AVG).

Development Time
2 months


3. Core system of a multinational

Secure and reliable processing of thousands of complex processes  every day. Easily scalable up to 10x the volume. Able to deal with regional deviations in the processes.

A system with an API, Dashboard and Workflow Engine that automatically scales while maintaining low costs. The API accepts and validates messages from supplying external systems and initiates various workflows. The workflows are easy to customize and replaceable per region. The workflows wait for various web service messages, EDI messages and manual input. Various machine learning applications are used along the way. The end result of the workflows is used in various planning applications.

Used Tech
AWS API Gateway, AWS Aurora, AWS State Machines, AWS EventBridge, AWS SQS, AQS SNS, AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, AWS S3, AWS Transfer family. For the security we used AWS Web Application Firewall, AWS GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub. A web-dashboard written in Vue, hosted on AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront.

Development Time
8 months


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